Technology Consulting

We know that technological needs can vary greatly among organizations. Innover Consultants develop a customized plan for you as a partner, based on your input and goals.

IT Solutions & Helpdesk Support

Innover’s 24/7/365 Help Desk & Monitoring Centers are based in the USA. We take pride in our work and see things through. Instant access enables your business to run efficiently.

Business Continuity

We provide an array of backup, replication, and disaster recovery solutions to meet your operational, financial, and compliance requirements, and ensure uninterrupted availability of your IT services.

Vendor Management

Spending too much time chasing down vendors or looking for new ones? We’ll handle vendor sourcing, negotiation, and monitoring to improve performance, lower costs, and free up critical staff time.

Innover Consulting | Proactive Strategies

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For an organization to remain relevant and profitable in today’s marketplace, an understanding of how to leverage technology is key. Small and mid-sized businesses often chase enterprise focused vendors for innovative solutions, only to find the solutions don’t fit. They face the complex challenges of how best to support staff and customers, increase revenue, and boost their market presence – all while remaining flexible in an ever-changing environment.

At Innover Consulting, we partner with business leaders to drive results from maximizing their IT spend through innovation and automation. We believe medium and small businesses can also benefit from technical gains if they are prepared to evolve. By aligning ourselves with our client’s Leaders and remaining agnostic to vendors, our IT Experts help you navigate the best options for your business.