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Data Centers and Geographicly Advantaged NOCs

We support clients that have strategic needs for close geographic proximity to business services (ie. Bloomberg, Exchanges, CME) through data centers and cloud deployments. Innover engineers can provide full service or back up support for migrating environments or solving latency and throughput issues with edge computng or cloud based solutions. 

Navigating Cloud vs. On-Premise

Cloud isn't always better. Depending on the size of your data among other variables, we assess your position. 

Companies are realizing gains in efficiency and productivity through migrating off-premise to cloud solutions. Companies also loose money and productivity when an overzealous leader is over sold. Everyone in the project management profession has expereinced a project that did not have a clear return or business need. Innover's project teams focus on proper assessment and communication to appropriate team members to ensure proper return on investment.  

Cloud needs Bandwidth

The circuit is everything.

Cloud is best for companies that have access to high speed internet or are willing to invest in fiber or point to point circuits to connect them to the cloud. You are only as fast as your connection. We can help you navigate options and costs for various circuits to support your internal and external resources. 

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