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Our Services

Technology Consulting

Our goal is to integrate and augment your internal IT department seamlessly, or serve as your full-time IT department to provide core competencies in highly specialized areas.

These areas include, cloud and back-up solutions, networking, vendor management, and business continuity. Our seasoned consultants are available to help accelerate your deployment and management of technology infrastructures to meet your business objectives

IT Sevices & Escalation support

Our 24/7/365 Help-desk and monitoring center is there to support your staff and maintain your equipment no matter where they are in the world. 

We offer instant access to our staff of engineers and technicians at a flat fee. This is ideal for organizations that are not ready to invest in full-time IT in-house resources.

business growth

Business Continuity

Reliability and availability of your infrastructure are essential to the livelihood of every company, either large or small.

All elements hinge on your infrastructures ability to deliver vital on-demand information. We provide an array of backup, replication, and disaster recovery solutions to meet your operational, financial, and compliance requirements to ensure uninterrupted availability of your services.

Vendor Management

Spending too much time chasing down your vendors? Need a new service but your staff is too busy to conduct the appropriate research? Not sure what service offerings are best for you?

We are here to solve those problems and more. We have decades of experience working and  negotiating with some of the top vendors in the industry. You let us know what you need and we will do the rest.