Our Services

Technology Consulting

For an organization to remain relevant and profitable in today’s market place an understanding of how to leverage technology is key. Often, small & med-sized businesses find keeping up with technological advancements overwhelming. Challenges such as, how to support staff and customers, increase revenue and market presence, while remaining flexible and agile in a forever changing market place. At Innover we believe a Proactive, Secure, and Advanced IT Infrastructure is one of the most impactful investments you can make on your organization’s current and future endeavors.

IT Assessment

As your business evolves, so should your IT management and strategy. We offer a comprehensive and thorough assessment that examines all aspects of your information systems, then applies industry best practices to develop an in-depth report of our findings and recommendations.

IT Services & Escalation Support

We offer instant access to our staff of engineers and technicians at a flat fee. This is ideal for organizations that are not ready to invest in full-time IT in-house resources. Our flexible service agreements are simple to implement and can be upgraded and downgrade at any time.

Business Continuity

Reliability and availability of your infrastructure are essential to the livelihood of every company, large or small. All elements hinge on your infrastructure capabilities to deliver vital on-demand information. We provide an array of backup, replication, and disaster recovery solutions to meet your operational, financial and compliance requirements to ensure uninterrupted availability of your services.